Carolina Panthers re-sign DT Kyle Love to a one year contract – Cat Scratch Reader


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The Carolina Panthers announced this morning that they have come to terms with unrestricted free agent Kyle Love, finally landing him back on the team he has played for the last four seasons.

Love will return on a one year deal with compensation currently unknown at the time of this writing, but expected to be in the $1 million dollar range and carrying a small amount of guaranteed money.

I have not been shy about my love for Kyle Love in his time with the Panthers, and he has never let me down. While certainly not a game breaker, he does provide a very consistent rotational piece in the center of our defense that can be counted on to do his job whenever he is on the field. Last season he accounted for three forced fumbles on limited reps, and tossed in his usual token amounts of tackles and sacks.

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Where he does play at a high level is in his gut, both figuratively and literally. Since the retirement of Vince Wilfork, Love has been challenging for the most impressive belly in the NFL, and one cannot underestimate the morale impact of having a real live buddha on the sidelines during games.

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