Scarlet Snow Belo Babysits Baby Hunter James Pitt – Cosmopolitan Philippines


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Cristalle Belo-Pitt posted a video on her Instagram, capturing Tita Scarlet Snow Belo reading to her nephew Hunter James PItt. Hunter is Cristalle’s son with hotelier-entrepreneur Justin Pitt. While away for a few days, Cristalle checked in on the babies at home and shared this video update.

Our favorite part is when Scarlet muttered “Hay naku!” in an almost hissy fit when Hunter reached for the book. At that moment, it seemed like she was proudly wearing her tita hat. She then said, “Hay naku! That’s not a toy,” but instantly softened with a soothing tita pat and a sweet “it’s okay.” Awww! Scarlet then resumed reading the book to Hunter.

While the two Belo babies are a famous tita-nephew pair who are used to the limelight, they’re also just a couple of super-cute kids growing up together. It’s so heartwarming to watch!

If you’re an avid fan of Scarlet like we are, then you’ll likely watch this video over and over again. We think it’s absolutely adorable! Cristalle seemed to thinks so, too, and she was proud of her li’l sister: “I think this little Tita is doing a great job looking after #HunterJamesPitt while @justinpitt and I are away. I love you @scarletsnowbelo. Miss you guys soooo much.”

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